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Founded in 1967 and based in Rumilly in the Haute Savoie department, DUPESSEY&CO is a family-run haulage & logistics group with a workforce of more than 500 in France and abroad.


DUPESSEY&CO is above all a committed carrier , ready to take up the new challenges of international trade. Organization of transport, supply chain management, flow optimization, multimodal transport, traceability, new digital tools, environmental certification—Welcome to the new generation in transport!


But wait a minute, the new generation, that’s YOU isn’t it?

Strong values at the core!

At DUPESSEY&CO, human values have always been a priority. As proof, since the company was founded it has never resorted to lay-offs, even during an economic recession.

And when we chose the name DUPESSEY&CO, it was to mark the fact that our growth isn’t purely economic but is shared among the whole of our workforce.


The CO in & CO also evokes the idea of CO-development, CO-contracting and CO-responsibility for a more dynamic and responsible transport vision.


Supposing we got together to COllaborate in our mutual success?


It’s a good time to commit with us!


More recently, Carole Dupessey, daughter of the group’s founder now its CEO, set about prolonging the group’s “humanist” tradition by creating the Dupessey Endowment.

Its mission is to fund solidarity actions revolving around educational, cultural, and sporting projects, around training and research projects, and around projects related to awareness, respect, and defence of the environment, as well as international and humanitarian solidarity actions.


The initiative enshrines solidarity as a cornerstone of the group.