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We assist our customers as they grow, with a close eye on their supply chain strategy.
Our strengths? Flexibility, responsiveness — and ingenuity!
Our challenge? Be able to handle all your enquiries, no matter how unusual!

  • 120,000m² of logistics floorspace across our sites:
  • 62,000m² in Mulhouse (Alsace), on the SEVESO site
  • 20,000m² with a rail siding in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier near Lyon


Because everyone has different needs, we are able to reply to everything, from simple one-offs to complex operations requiring specific equipment or new information technologies.


Some of our services:

  •   Analysis of your needs
  •   Receipt and re-shipping of cargoes
  •   Warehousing and stock management
  •   Materials handling
  •   Preparation (pallet, master carton, UVC treatment)
  •   Shipments
  •   Custom work
  •   Upstream and/or downstream transport
  •   Multimodal transport
  •   Picking and co-packing
  •   Back-tracing and tracking
  •   Labelling
  •   Quality control and product conformity
  •   Setting up and monitoring control charts

our job

What advantage for you?

A pragmatic yet ambitious logistics culture earned though 50 years of experience!


What real interest for you?

In-depth awareness of your problems and constraints.

Global vision of transport & logistics for over 50 years.

Practical, realistic approach privileging efficiency.

High-capacity mobilization of our human and material resources.