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Statutory information

Statutory information

1. About this website.

In accordance with Article 6 of French Act of Parliament No. 2004-575 dated 21/06/2004 on confidence in the digital economy, users of the website are notified of the identity of the people involved in its production and upkeep:

Owner: Dupessey Group – 410 271 654 00015 – 124 Route d’Aix les bains 74 150 Rumilly
Designer : nyutōnAgence conseil digital – 196 grande rue 69600 Oullins
Publication manager: Virginie Guillot –
The publication manager is a legal or natural person.
Webmaster: nyutōnAgence conseil digital – 196 grande rue 69600 Oullins
Hosting provider: OVH – 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix 1007
Credits: Shutterstock/nyutōn
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2. Standard terms of use of the website and the services provided therein.

By using this website, you fully and unconditionally accept the standard terms of use defined below. These terms of use may be modified or extended at any time without notification. Users of the website are therefore advised to consult them regularly.

This site is normally accessible to users at all times. The Dupessey Group may however temporarily take the website offline to carry out technical maintenance, in which case it will strive to give users prior warning of the relevant dates and times.

The website is regularly updated by Virginie Guillot. This statutory information can itself be modified at any time, whereupon it remains binding on the user, who is therefore advised to consult it as often as possible to have the correct knowledge.

3. Description of the services provided.

The website exists to provide information on all the company’s activities.

The Dupessey Group strives to ensure the information contained on the website is as accurate as possible. It cannot however be held liable for any omissions, mistakes, or out of date information, be it through its own fault or that of any third parties who provide said information.

All information contained on the website is offered for guide purposes only and may change over time. Furthermore, the information contained on the website does not profess to be exhaustive. It must be consulted in the knowledge that it can have altered since it went online.

4. Contractual limitations on technical data.

The website uses JavaScript technology.

The website cannot be held liable for material damage related to its use. Moreover, website users undertake to access the website using recent hardware, a virus-free installation, and the up-to-date version of a latest generation browser

5. Intellectual property and copyright infringement.

Dupessey Group either owns the intellectual property rights to or holds usage rights on all elements accessible on the website, notably texts, images, graphics, logos, icons, sounds, and software.

Reproduction, representation, modification, publication, or adaptation of part of all of the elements on this website, irrespective of the method or process used, is prohibited without first having obtained written consent from the Dupessey Group.

Unauthorized use of the website or any of the elements therein will be considered an infringement of intellectual property rights and proceedings will be initiated accordingly per Articles L.335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual property Code.

6. Limitation of liability.

The Dupessey Group cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user’s hardware during access to the website, notably resulting from the use of a system that does not meet the specifications defined in point 4 or resulting from a software bug or incompatibility.

Nor can the Dupessey Group be held liable for any indirect damages (such as lost market share or lost opportunity) following use of the website.

Interactive windows (for asking questions notably on the contact page) are available to users. The Dupessey Group reserves the right to delete, with no prior formality, any content posted in these windows that appears to be in violation of French law, especially in the scope of data protection measures. The Dupessey Group also reserves the right, where relevant, to invoke a user’s civil and/or criminal liability in the event of their posting messages of a racist, injurious, defamatory, or pornographic nature, whatever the medium involved (text, photographs, etc.).


7. Management of private data.

In France, private data are protected notably by Act No. 78-87 dated 06/01/1978, Act No. 2004-801 dated 06/08/2004, Article L. 226-13 of the Criminal Code, and the European Directive of 24/10/1995.

During use of the website, some data may be gathered, namely, the URL of links redirecting to the website, the user’s Internet access provider, and the user’s IP address.

The Dupessey Group does not gather private data from users except when necessary in the scope of certain services provided on the website. Users submit such information in full awareness of the above, especially when they themselves enter it. Users of the website will always be informed whether such information is indispensable or optional.

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 38 et seq. of French Act of Parliament No. 78-17 dated 06/01/January, 1978 concerning computers, files, and freedoms, all users retain the right of access to, rectification of, and opposition to any private data concerning them. They can invoke this right in a signed, written request, accompanied by a copy of an ID document bearing the holder’s signature and stating the address to which the reply shall be sent.

No private data pertaining to users of the website shall be published unbeknownst to the user, exchanged, transferred, passed on, or sold to a third party on a medium of any description. Only in the event of an acquisition of the Dupessey Group and its rights may said information be transmitted to the acquirer, who in turn shall be subject to the same obligations in respect of preserving and modifying data concerning users of the website.

The website is not declared to the overseeing body CNIL as it does not gather any personal information.

The databases are protected by the provisions of the 01/07/1998 French Act, transposing EU directive 96/9 dated 11/03/1996, in respect of legal protection of databases.

8. Hyperlinks and cookies.

The website contains a certain number of hyperlinks pointing to other sites, implemented with the authorization of the Dupessey Group. The Dupessey Group does not however have any means of verifying the content of sites thus visited and consequently cannot assume any liability for such action.

Browsing the website can cause cookies to be installed on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small text file that cannot be linked to the user’s identity and whose function is limited to recording information on the user’s browsing pattern on a website. The data thus collected can facilitate browsing when the site is revisited and can also be used as input to site frequentation measurements.

Refusal to accept a cookie may impede access to certain services. Users can nonetheless configure their browsers as described below to refuse the installation of cookies:

In Internet Explorer: tools tab (gearwheel pictogram at top right) / Internet options. Click Confidentiality and choose Block all cookies. Click OK to confirm.

In Firefox: at the top of the browser window, click the Firefox icon then go to the Options tab. Click the Privacy tab.
Configure the “Use custom settings for history” rules. Untick to deactivate cookies.

In Safari: Click the menu pictogram (resembling a gearwheel) at the top right of the browser window. Select Settings. Click Show advanced Settings. In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings. In the “Cookies” section, you can block cookies.

In Chrome: Click the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) at the top right of the browser window. Select Settings. Click Advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click preferences. You can then block cookies in the “Privacy” tab.

9. Legal matters.

All disputes or claims regarding use of the website are subject to French law. The courts of Paris shall be the competent jurisdiction.

10. Summary of the main laws concerned.

Act No. 78-17 of 06/01/1978, notably amended by Act No. 2004-801 of 06/08/2004 relative to computers, files, and freedoms.

Act No. 2004-575 of 21/06/2004 on confidence in the digital economy.

11. Glossary.

User: Anybody connecting to or otherwise using the above named website.

Private data: “information that enables in any shape or form, directly or indirectly, the identification of the physical persons to whom it pertains” (Article 4 of Act No. 78-17 of 06/01/1978).