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Organizing your transport

Our added value these days lies in our ability to guarantee you a sensible, optimized transport plan.  

Rely on us to bring you ideas—and the means to execute them!

  • Over 50 years’ know-how.
  • A go-to specialist in the food & drink sector.
  • The ability to analyse and organize your supply chain.


Our solid experience is a great platform on which to develop our pragmatic, high performance approach.

As hands-on coordinator of your logistics chain, we examine all your constraints and implement operational solutions that are both reliable and sustainable—and we do it quickly.

Management of an existing delivery item or the wholesale transfer of your transport management, you’re the one who decides. Whatever your case, we guide you toward the optimum package.


To assist you in managing and outsourcing your transport plan, DUPESSEY&CO provides a complete range of services:

Constitution of your transport plan

  • Audit, analysis of your needs and constraints
  • Planning out your material flows and supply chain
  • Implementation of or assistance with tender operations
  • Statement of work and specifications
  • Implementation of protocols and outline contracts
  • Search for internal and external solutions
  • Real-time traceability
  • Outsourcing of the shipping function (on-site secondment)

Transport management

  • Internal and external chartering: road, multimodal, etc.
  • Real time information reporting
  • Draft invoice management
  • Anomaly management: disputes, late deliveries, etc.
  • Setting-up of control charts
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) management

Cross-docking and warehousing

  • Space optimization and consolidation of part loads
  • Road-rail approach
  • Temporary storage and forwarding
  • Constitution of buffer stocks (for peak demand)
  • Securing of cargo


Subcontracting with authorized, reputable customs agents

Completion of customs formalities: customs clearance, permanent exportation or importation