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About your issues

In a globalized economic context, with competition becoming stiffer and stiffer, most French and European businesses, from SMBs to large corporations, face the same issues:


What ways are there of offering ever greater responsiveness and reliability to distributors and consumers on an international scale while minimizing supply chain costs?





To address these issues and take up a position of “agile challenger”, DUPESSEY&CO expresses its commitment in a simple but ambitious tagline:

Your guarantee of the right solution in the right place at the right time

Our arguments

  • A comprehensive offering including transport, distribution, and logistics
  • Expert advice on your overall organization for organizing and managing flows
  • An international web with strategic relays in southern and eastern Europe
  • Connection to multimodal transport (road+rail)
  • Strict observance of European quality & environmental standards

Your sector

Your business is subject to logistical necessities and constraints:


seasonal sales with the management of peak flows

buffer stocks to absorb bumps in demand

a European distribution network

product related constraints: hazardous goods, bulk materials, etc.

market-related technical and legal constraints

observance of quality/safety/environmental procedures

How do you find THE Transport & Logistics provider that understands and can fulfil your objectives precisely and quickly?

Our specific expertise

  • Long-standing know-how in the glassware and  drinks sector.
    25 years’ collaboration with Roxane, OI, Danone, and others
  • Successful diversification into the food, timber, equipment, large retail, and hazardous goods sectors.

Our arguments

  •  Over 50 years’  know-how in the transport of glass items and drinks
  • The absorption in 2015 of haulier TYM, a specialist in the storage and transport of hazardous goods
  • The ability to mobilize an expanded fleet in double-quick time
  • An overall storage area of 120,000m²
  • An operating staff of 30 people dedicated to optimizing your goods flows

Our solutions

In our company, transport is a family history!

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